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Welcome to Quuu’s Best Content of the Week :-) At Quuu, we’ve seen a lot of content. In fact, since w
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Welcome to Quuu’s Best Content of the Week :-)
At Quuu, we’ve seen a lot of content. In fact, since we launched 2 years ago, we’ve sent nearly 15 million content suggestions to our lovely users!
All of these suggestions are hand-curated by our expert team to make sure they meet our quality criteria - so you could say we know a thing or two about what good content looks like!
Our favourite picks this week are a case in point. It doesn’t matter what you’re writing about; just take inspiration from these 7 posts, and you’re guaranteed to create content your readers will love. 

1. It tells you everything you need to know.
The Complete Guide to ChatBots for Messenger Marketing Funnels (with instructions for marketers to make your own bot) - Mind Heros
2. It’s backed up with real-life examples and case studies.
2017 Link Building Case Study - OutreachMama
3. It provides you with useful resources.
How to Write for Top Tier Publications
4. It looks fantastic.
42 Highest Paying Work from Home Jobs [Infographic]
5. It makes even ‘boring’ industries interesting.
SIDS : How to Reduce the Risk [Infographic] | Insider Living
6. It gets straight to the point.
5 Ways to Make Your List Posts Much More Readable | Bil Gaines
7. It makes people laugh!
Watch this very funny parody of a TED Talk, any TED talk / Boing Boing
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ThanQuuu for reading and we hope you have a great weekend :-)
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