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Welcome back to Quuu's Best Content of the Week!If you missed last week's, don't worry: it's saved fo
November 18 - Issue #3 - View online
Welcome back to Quuu’s Best Content of the Week!
If you missed last week’s, don’t worry: it’s saved forever and ever.
Each week we get thousands of content submissions. We often wonder which are the best.
Here are our favourites this week :-)

1. Don't worry if you can't code, the future is code-free
Our code-free future | The Art of Cleverness
2. Social media isn't going anywhere so measure it right
The 8 Essential Social Media Metrics That Matter | BuildFire
3. Nothing worse than wordiness – cut to the chase!
How to Stop Being Wordy and Start Engaging Readers (plus a free cheat sheet!)
4. Cutting to the chase doesn't stop you telling a story
The Science Behind the Power of Storytelling
5. In brand stories, customers should play a central role
The Customer Advocacy Playbook by Sujan Patel of Web Profits
6. But make sure your customers can find your story
20 Ways Your Business Can Outrank Anyone Online
7. And always aim to be the best possible you!
How to Be the Best You Possible According to Leonard Kim and Science - Influencive
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Or have you got your own favourite piece of Quuu content this week? :-)
ThanQuuu for reading – see you next week!
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