The 7 secrets to success in business

Welcome to Quuu’s Best Content of the Week :-) Now Spring is finally here, what better time to bring
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Welcome to Quuu’s Best Content of the Week :-)
Now Spring is finally here, what better time to bring new business ideas to life?
Whether you’re planning an exciting product launch or giving an existing project an overhaul, our top content picks from this week have got you covered.
From injecting some science into your marketing to treating your body like the temple it is, these 7 reads will guarantee success: 

1. Enhance your productivity with these 9 tips.
How leaders of 9 billion-dollar companies stay productive
2. Listen to teenagers.
10 Smart Life Lessons From Successful Teenage Entrepreneurs | SUCCESS
3. Be a content marketing chameleon.
How The Best Content Creators Bring Ideas to Life - Ry McDonald | Marketing Thinking
4. Stop slouching.
Dear Desk Warriors, Here’s Your Guide To Fix Rounded Shoulders
5. Get scientific.
15 Examples of Neuromarketing in Action
6. Find people to sing your praises.
How to Find, Write and Use Persuasive Testimonials (Plus 10 Customer Testimonial Examples) | Orbit Media Studios
7. Learn to let go.
Work With The Right Businesses: 14 Pieces Of Advice For Breaking Up With A Client
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