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Getting Started With Customer Success ⭐️

Customer Success is a relatively new role in business, but it’s hugely important if you work in softw
Getting Started With Customer Success ⭐️
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Customer Success is a relatively new role in business, but it’s hugely important if you work in software. The theory is that by making it as easy as possible for your customer to succeed using your product, you’ll enjoy a much longer, more profitable relationship with them. It’s a win-win situation!
To help you build customer success into your business strategy, we’ve hand-picked some of our favourite content on this topic in Quuu. 

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1. Read your customer's mind.
6 Super-Psychological Triggers to Use for Maximum Customer Retention | Post Funnel
2. Don’t just take them from A to B - consider everywhere in between.
Debunking Linear Customer Journeys and How to Take a Holistic Approach - Solvvy
3. Develop different onboarding processes for different users.
How To Onboard Invited Users To Retain Them For Longer
4. Invest in a dedicated CS team…
Customer Success Operations Manager: Does Your Team Need One?
5. …and make sure they work seamlessly with other departments.
Tips for the Sales to Customer Success handoff - The Front Blog
6. Get to grips with AI.
Value of AI in Customer Service | SaleMove Blog
7. Cut the BS!
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