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Do what you hate

You know the phrase ‘do what you love’? We reckon it’s: a) Quite annoying - because not all of us can
Do what you hate
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You know the phrase ‘do what you love’? We reckon it’s:
a) Quite annoying - because not all of us can be professional brunch-eaters.
b) Quite misleading - because, as this week’s newsletter proves, love isn’t the only way to success.
Read all about this and more in our favourite content from Quuu this week…

The latest from QCast
1. Find something you hate, then build a million dollar business out of it.
How the Founder of Y7 Studio Built One of America's Fastest-Growing Fitness Companies for People Who Hate Yoga
2. What the BBC learned from testing 12 storytelling superheroes.
12 prototypes, eight weeks, and lots of tapping: What’s worked (and hasn’t) in the BBC’s quest for new storytelling formats
3. It’s official: content writing services are rubbish.
Content Farm Olympics: We Bought & Tested 5 Content Writing Services
4. Strategies you might not have tried yet for generating blog ideas.
Uncover Blog Topic Ideas Customers Crave in 3 Easy Steps
5. The secret sauce that will double your blog traffic.
6 proven strategies to double your blog traffic (on the side)
6. Why brand awareness isn’t a load of fluff.
The Ultimate Guide to Brand Awareness
7. This is what you should be spending on your marketing.
How much should I spend on marketing my business?
So, if you could build a business off the back of something you hate, what would it be? Reply to this email or give us a shout @quuu_co - we always love to hear from you 🙂

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