Can you hack your way to success?

Welcome to Quuu's Best Content of the Week :-) The hack. It’s generation instant gratification’s favo
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Welcome to Quuu’s Best Content of the Week :-) 
The hack. It’s generation instant gratification’s favourite buzzword. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a shortcut to success - whether it’s for growing your Insta following or making dinner?
But is real, enduring success ever attainable through a few quick fixes? Or is a more long-term strategy required? The following posts contain a mixture of both…so we’ll leave that for you to decide!

1. Train your brain.
Why Your Brain Prioritizes Instant Gratification Over Long-Term Goals, According to Science |
2. Understand how your customer’s mind works too.
5 Tips to Win Your Readers Back with Re-engagement Emails
3. Cut your marketing time in half with these 10 tricks.
10 Ways to Cut Your Marketing Time in Half | Whatagraph Blog
4. Capitalise on your social media influence - you don’t need millions of followers.
5 Things Micro-Influencers Need to Learn from Top Influencers - Shane Barker
5. Find a helping hand.
Business Ghostwriting for Executives: Getting Started | Eucalypt
6. Remember one of these 19 quotes if your motivation takes a dip.
19 sales motivation techniques that create (actual) results for your business | The Blog
7. Feeling stumped? Nothing is out of our reach.
How one researcher is studying the unsettling phenomenon of déjà vu |
So, to hack or not to hack? Let us know your thoughts by replying to this email or hitting us up on social. 

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