7 ways to boost your conversion rate

Welcome to Quuu's Best Content of the Week :-) Thanks to social media - and especially to tools like
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Welcome to Quuu’s Best Content of the Week :-) 
Thanks to social media - and especially to tools like Quuu & Quuu Promote ;-) - it’s now easier than ever to get your customers to notice you.
But that’s only the first step. You’ve then got to make them do that little thing that makes them a customer: pay you for your product or service. 
If you need help giving them a gentle (ahem) nudge in the right direction, we recommend doing the following 7 things: 

1. Firstly, create something people - not just you - love.
Lessons learned when building products
2. Choose your colours carefully.
The Best Colors for Website Conversion - Sunday Grind
3. Write copy that makes sense.
One Big Mistake in Direct Response Copywriting (That I keep seeing over, and over…)
4. Grow your email list.
How to Grow Your Email List by the Thousands • Dustn.tv
5. Master Google AdWords.
8 AdWords Secrets That Google Will Never Tell You
6. Understand dwell time.
Is Dwell Time a Ranking Factor or Not? Everything You Need to Know About Dwell Time
7. Track absolutely everything.
The Usual Suspects: Troubleshooting for Tanking Metrics
Want to be even more cunning with your conversions? 
Join our monthly #Qchat @quuu_co on Tuesday 30th May at 6pm BST (5pm GMT/1pm ET/10am PST), when we’ll be discussing how to make your blog posts convert into sales. Feel free to tell your friends about it too! 
Thanks for reading and have a great weekend :-) 

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