7 things you need to understand to be a successful business leader

Welcome to Quuu's Best Content of the Week :-)Being a business leader means wearing many hats, especi
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Welcome to Quuu’s Best Content of the Week :-)
Being a business leader means wearing many hats, especially when that business is a startup. 
You’ve got to master a variety of different skills - from strategy, to marketing, to simply finding enough time to fit it all in. 
To make things a little easier, we’ve curated a list of 7 resources to help you navigate your way to the top. 

1. How to manage your time.
Time Management for Productivity: The Definitive Guide | Solopreneur
2. The ins and outs of your industry.
The Ultimate List of E-Commerce Statistics (Updated 2017)The Ultimate List of E-Commerce Statistics (Updated 2017)
3. When to commit to an idea.
How to Test Drive Your Business Idea Before Quitting Your Job
4. Your customer.
3 Complicated Steps to a Customer Journey Map that Actually Works
5. How to write emails.
What Cold Calling Can Teach You About Writing Emails - Norbert
6. Human psychology.
Dennis Yu on How to Become a Technical Marketing Expert - beBee Producer
7. The secret to content that hooks your audience.
Evergreen Content Is the Secret to More Traffic. Here's the One Reason Most Evergreen Content Fails.

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